• ORET Project:
    Is a partnership project between the Government Republic of Zambia and the Royal Netherlands, to rehabilitate health facilities in the faculties of X-Ray imaging,operating theatres, laboratory and oral health on 50 Ė 50 % cost sharing agreement to the total sum of 25 Million. It is a 7 years project split in 6 batches. Philips Medical System are the principal engineers and with Specialised Systems as local partner forms part of the engineering support team and caters to the installation and preventive maintenance for all the 71 hospitals equipments supplied by Philips.
  • Ministry of Health:
    1. Supply, Installation, Commissioning of 2 Nos. fixed Bucky X-Ray and 1 no. Duo Diagnost __.Fluoroscopy X-Ray machine for UTH.
    2. Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Application Training of 7 fixed Bucky X-Ray machines,
    __.6 mobile Practix 160 X ray units and 8 HD3 ultrasound to various hospitals.
    3. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2 nos. 4D HD11 ultrasound for Cancer Disease __.Hospital and UTH.
    4. Supply & Installation of 4 nos. MP20 Patient Monitors for Operating Theater at UTH
  • KCM Nchanga South Hospital:
    1. Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Application Training of first of its kind 4D ultrasound
    __.in Zambia.
    2. Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of MP50 high end Patient Monitors for ICUís.
  • KCM Chilombwe Hospital:
    Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of 150 kg & 15 kg Industrial washer, 150 kg dryer, heavy duty Industrial press and Ironer.
  • Mopani Mine Mufilira Hospital: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Duo Diagnost Fluoroscopy X-Ray system.
  • Company Clinic, Kitwe:
    Installation & Commissioning of MRS X-Ray system
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